YAMAZAKI home 6784 Kitchen Multi Eco Stand


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  • [Easily dry bottles, tall glasses, or resealable plastic bags] This multipurpose kitchen drying stand can be used to dry plastic bottles, baby bottles, tall glasses, or shopping bags. Can also be utilized to hold small bags open as an instant compost bin to capture food scraps, or to help pour sauces into resealable bags before they go into the refrigerator when you’re missing an extra set of hands.
  • [Four prongs each hold up to 64 oz. bottles] The bottle dryer can hold four bottles up to 64 oz. There is about 3.75″ between each prong when fully extended.
  • [Collapsible design requires minimal storage space. Simply open to use.] It is small and compact to fold up and store easily. Non-slip silicone tips are located on the top and bottom to keep items upright. This multifunctional rack can be lined with plastic bags for composting food scraps, or securly hold resealable plastic bags for portioning and storing food or liquids, as well as hold glasses, cups, and empty bottles for drying.
  • [Waterproof with three layers of powder-coated finish on solid steel frame] The steel construction ensures durability for years to come. Powder-coated three times to seal the metal and protect it against water damage.


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